Family sessions are a great way to capture your growing family! We spend so much time taking pictures of our kids on our phones that very seldom do we as parents get behind the camera and get in the pictures with our children. You and your children will treasure these moments of you all together for years to come! We will do family poses where everyone is looking and smiling, we will also focus on the interactions and relationships of the parents and children. So have fun, tickle, play, hold your child up in the air and twirl them around. This will get us a variety of images and there's less pressure by not having to tell your children to "smile" the whole session because we want them to enjoy the session too. We will do various groupings, so each child by themselves, each child with each parent, and the family as a whole.

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session details

What should we wear?

This photo shoot is meant to capture your family, including individuality and style. Helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

  • Think coordinating, not matching. Incorporate colors and patterns that fit well together
  • Accessories such as scarves, necklaces, jewelry, and clothing layers are fun little details that can add personality and bring a unique look to your photos
  • Wear well fitting clothing, not too tight, and nothing baggy
  • No logos please. To keep the look timeless, try to avoid trendy clothing with words or logos.
  • Always feel free to text or email me your clothing options laid out before your session!

Where will my session take place?

Your session location is up to you. Sometimes you know exactly where you want your session to take place, and that's great! If you are unsure of where you would like your session to take place just tell me your style, and I'll help you pick a location.

How long after our session until we can see the images?

I will post a sneak peek a day or two after your session and will have your images delivered to you within 2 weeks.

What to bring?

A drink, snacks, favorite toy, special stuffed animal. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience.

Each session is UNIQUE! Have an idea of what you would like to capture, but understand that depending on the mood of your child at the time of the session, you may or may not be able to capture those dream images. Just stay positive, make it fun, and try to go with the flow and I will get something beautiful!

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